Posted on Apr 8, 2021


'INTO THE LAKE', oil on canvas, 3 panels, 60 by 120 inches (152x305cm), 2020
One of the latest work by Lederle, ‘INTO THE LAKE’ wants to capture the essence of this actual landscape in symbolic abstraction. J.M.W. Turner was drawn to this location nearly 180 years earlier and produced one of his great works,  ‘THE BLUE RIGI’, in 1842.
Lederle’s painting is multifunctional: it is a mood, an atmospheric composition of nature in the abstract as much as it is a homage to Turner’s painting at the same location. Cold wax mixed generously into the oil paint, creates a transparency and light effect surrounding the solid fields of shimmering bluish rock. It is also an attempt by the artist to connect elements from the PIXEL series to his new works.
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