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A throwback to the Tribeca loft studio in New York City gives the new Adaptation series its beginnings. There is some time between then and what's going on at Berlinna Factory Loft now. Let's consider this.
The figures seen in the work of Schnabel, Palladino and Clemente are taciturn, drawn, per...

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The 'WALLART' at the Berlinna Factory Loft Gallery features some of the serigraph editions created by Hermann Lederle at the fine art printing atelier of Hans-Peter Haas in Stuttgart Germany. HPH Siebdruck is world renowned for its superior quality of art silkscreen printing. Among some of the wo...

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ADAPTATION ‘CIELO EAST’ by Hermann Lederle | 2016 served as an inspiration/visualization for composer Steffen Wick to produce Crosscurrents. The art piece is constructed from two original paintings on canvas, which are cut into stripes and reassembled on new canvases.

Almost metaphorically speak...

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'Into the Wood' and 'Out Of The Wood' are two paintings created by cutting the original paintings on canvas into stripes and assembling the cut pieces onto a new canvas. This process allows for the painterly strokes to be sliced and offset to create a unique appearance of abstraction.

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A new three panel canvas piece is starting to take shape. The title of the work will be 'Into The Wild'. At this stage, the painting is sketched out and the underlaying brush work is complete. The next layer will be applied with the knife. This is where it's at now.

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'END OF SUMMER'... this is happening right now at the factory gallery atelier. It's a new piece by artist Hermann Lederle. It is in progress. Stay tuned

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'ADAPTATION' is massiv. Measuring five and a half feet by ten feet, this totemic monument doesn’t just envelop you, it anchors you to the ground.
Reminiscent of partially open Levelor blinds, a network of dense and narrow vertical bands sweep across the canvas. There’s more weight at the center; ...

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Imagine Claude Monet's pastel Poplars... if Monet was working 100 years later and spent a lot of time on the internet... and you get somewhere close to the work of Hermann Lederle at BERLINNA.
The German painter, who now resides in Los Angeles, gives impressionism a contemporary inflection. Where before wispy brushstrokes and springtime hues ruled, Lederle works in the colors and shapes of our time. His paintings have an edge to them and an electric energy pulsing throughout. Lederle creates his 3-D effect by first painting with a traditional brush and then reworking it with a painter's knife, giving the paint a contradictory texture.
Lederle's paintings at the BERLINNA Factory Loft Gallery capture how it feels to see in the modern world. Waterlilies are replaced with welcome screens and rolling sunsets with flashing advertisements. But there is a beauty to this contemporary image of seeing, even if it is a little sharp around the edges.

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